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The Royalty tradition began with the first Lakefair in 1957, and the Scholarship Program was established years later in 1975 by Capitalarian Dee Hooper. It continues to be one of the most recognized scholarship programs in the Pacific Northwest and has awarded more than $500,000 in funding to date. The program is currently sponsored by our partners at Olympia Federal Savings.

Members of the Royalty Court participate in all aspects of Capital Lakefair throughout the season. It provides an educational opportunity for participants to learn about themselves, our community and prepare for higher education and adult life. In addition to local events, members visit communities around the Pacific Northwest from Oregon to British Columbia as they travel with the Lakefair Float to other festivals.

Each member of the Court receives a $3,000 scholarship, the Queen an additional $2,000, and remaining candidates $500 each. The funds may be applied to any form of higher education including a traditional degree, trade school or vocational training program.

The process begins with each participating school selecting a representative by December to become their candidate for the Royalty Court. In early February candidates take part in a one-day event that includes a panel discussion, individual interviews with 5 independent judges from the business community and a speech on a predetermined subject. Once complete five young women will be nominated at Coronation to serve on the Court, one of which is named Lakefair Queen.

Complete information on the program and how to apply is available from the local high school counselors or career center. Prerequisite requirements are being a fully enrolled high school junior, 3.3 or better GPA, complete application with two letters of recommendation and a 500 word essay.


Makenna Beeson


I am absolutely ecstatic and honored to be able to represent our community as the 2020 Lakefair Queen. I am the 63rd young woman to hold this title and understand that this platform has the ability to change an amazing amount of lives as the court travels around and volunteers. Having the ability to touch so many people’s lives is a wonderful opportunity that I know none of the ladies on this court, including myself, will take for granted. As the Lakefair Queen I plan to change worlds and want to inspire the people that I come in contact with to do the same. I believe that everyone can change the world by being slow to judge and having confidence in their identity.

I’m looking forward to spending time with people of all different backgrounds and truly exploring and experiencing the diversity that our community has to offer on a new level. I’m so excited to make memories with all of the amazing women on the Lakefair court. Isabella Clemmens from Tumwater High School, who emphasizes the importance of finding something you’re passionate about. Thea Deanon from Capital High School, who will give a new understanding of racism and how it affects individuals. Elise MacDonald from Timberline High School, who is going to spread awareness for people affected by domestic violence. Jini Namboothiri from Olympia High School, who will inspire so many people with the story of her cultural revival. Liz Trevino from River Ridge High School, who is going to make big changes in the way that people view the disabled community. All of these women have a unique perspective to share with the world and I know that we all will make a huge difference during this coming year of serving the community.


Isabella Clemmens


My name is Isabella Clemmens and I am representing Tumwater High School. I am more than excited to be given an opportunity to be a part of the 2020 Lakefair Court with the girls I already consider to be family.

I am currently working at Kidz Love Soccer as an assistant coach. I have been playing soccer ever since I was four and love the sport. I also have a passion for working with children, and I am looking forward to being a role model for those in my community. At my school I am founder and president of the Student Environmental Action Club this year. I am also an Honors/AP student, and I hope to someday attend a large 4-year university. I do not know where the future will take me, but I know I am in for quite the ride. I enjoy volunteering for various organizations including Tumwater School District, Tumwater Soccer Club, and the Thurston County Food Bank. But mostly importantly, I am a lover of a good snack; my favorite foods include chili, burritos, grilled cheese, and chicken strips.

I look forward to all the wonderful experiences this program can offer me. This year is going to feel like a dream.


Thea Deanon


2020 will definitely be an unforgettable year, and I will forever be grateful for this amazing opportunity to represent such a beautiful community with 5 passionate females by my side who are ready to make a difference. As a representative for Capital High School and a full-time running start student at SPSCC, I would like to pursue a career in Clinical/counseling Psychology. During my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, taking pictures, playing the ukulele, and petting cute dogs! I have always had a passion for volunteering at a young age throughout various organizations and communities with church mission trips, animal shelters, soup kitchens, and even our own Olympia’s Hands on Children’s Museum.

I am looking forward to getting more involved with our community and creating memorable experiences through helping organize donations and serving those in need with the Little Red Schoolhouse, showing off my cha cha slide moves at LifeSkills Prom, and getting to know each princess and queen. It is an honor to use this platform as a Filipino American female to share my story and be the voice, representative, and advocate for this generation and future generations to come. As a princess, I want to inspire people that things will always get better because if I can be resilient through all my struggles, you can be too. I am so excited to find out about the needs and strengths of our community and how I can use my words, actions (including hugs), and positivity to help make someone’s day a little better than it was before.

My wonderful parents, Benri and Barbara Deanon, and my 6 older siblings, Aaron, Toni, Moses, John, Therese and Nathan have always supported me throughout my whole life. I hope to share with everyone in our community the same amount of love and support that I received growing up.


Elise MacDonald


My name is Elise MacDonald and I am attending Timberline High School. When I was a child, I faced adversity as many people have and I am so excited to say that everyone has the power to overcome it. Being a 2020 Lakefair Princess is such an honor. I am an AP student in school. I love playing soccer, hanging out with my little brothers, and playing my cello. I am so ecstatic to spend time with the lovely ladies on the court with me. They are truly all beautiful young women and I am proud to stand beside them. I am extremely grateful for my support system at home which consists of my mom, dad, and two younger brothers. I can’t wait to start this journey and I am so excited to get to meet everyone in the community!


Sreerenjini Namboothiri


My name is Sreerenjini “Jini” Namboothiri and I represent Olympia High School on the 2020 Lakefair Court. I’m incredibly excited and honored to spend my time along with my fellow Lakefair Court members and embark on an unforgettable journey that takes us all around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I’m an Honors/AP student and active in several clubs on the OHS campus, including Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Knowledge Bowl, and I also hold the position of Class of ‘21 Treasurer. I also try to be as active in the community as possible. I’m currently a member of Intercity Transit’s Community Advisory Committee (CAC), the Olympia Timberland Library’s Teen Library Council, and enjoy teaching piano to kids in my neighborhood.

In my free time, I like to play the ukulele and piano, play tennis, laugh at TikToks, devour another TV show, watch horror movies, and read up on conspiracy theories. To the surprise of some, I also have a somewhat intellectual side, which shines through when I talk about the stock market or Elon Musk and his endeavors. I also consider myself an avid foodie and never shy away from the possibility of finding my next favorite dish.

My parents, Surendran Neelakantan and Susmitha Namboothiri, my younger brother and sister, and all my friends support me with all of my aspirations. I hope to make them as well as the members of the Thurston County community proud.


Elizabeth Trevino


My name is Elizabeth Trevino and I am representing River Ridge high school. When I was younger, I had always loved watching the Disney princesses’ movies who would’ve thought that it could’ve been a reality, now 17 years later I can say that dreams do come true. As, your Lakefair 2020 Princess I am so excited to be starting this amazing journey. I cannot wait to help our community better itself by advocating for our rich community and making new friends along the way.  I have always believed that hard work is the key to success. Now as a part of this year's Lakefair 2020 court I can finally say that all my hard work paid off.

I have always love to sing, along with writing short stories, and photography. I believe a picture can tell a thousand words and capture a perfect moment. I have a passion for helping others which is why I dedicate myself to volunteering with my high school’s special education department. I love knowing I can put a smile on others' faces and I hope I can help inspire others with simple acts of kindness throughout this year. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to represent not only my community but myself on this year’s court. My education is a priority of mine and I aspire to push myself each day. Thank you, to my loving family who has been there through everything, along with Lakefair organization as a whole. I’m so excited to be helping our lovely community and make a positive impact on our world.