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The Royalty tradition began with the first Lakefair in 1957, and the Scholarship Program was established years later in 1975 by Capitalarian Dee Hooper. It continues to be one of the most recognized scholarship programs in the Pacific Northwest and has awarded more than $500,000 in funding to date. The program is currently sponsored by our partners at Olympia Federal Savings.

Members of the Royalty Court participate in all aspects of Capital Lakefair throughout the season. It provides an educational opportunity for participants to learn about themselves, our community and prepare for higher education and adult life. In addition to local events, members visit communities around the Pacific Northwest from Oregon to British Columbia as they travel with the Lakefair Float to other festivals.

Each member of the Court receives a $3,000 scholarship, the Queen an additional $2,000, and remaining candidates $500 each. The funds may be applied to any form of higher education including a traditional degree, trade school or vocational training program.

The process begins with each participating school selecting a representative by December to become their candidate for the Royalty Court. In early February candidates take part in a one-day event that includes a panel discussion, individual interviews with 5 independent judges from the business community and a speech on a predetermined subject. Once complete five young women will be nominated at Coronation to serve on the Court, one of which is named Lakefair Queen.

Complete information on the program and how to apply is available from the local high school counselors or career center. Prerequisite requirements are being a fully enrolled high school junior, 3.3 or better GPA, complete application with two letters of recommendation and a 500 word essay.


queen emma waldon

As this 2019 year begins, I am so honored to be serving as this year’s Lakefair Queen and for what the coming months will have in store. This is an incredible opportunity and I am eager to begin to act as an advocate for this beautifully diverse and accepting community that I have come to call my home. I look forward to the parades, the community events, and the speaking engagements that I am fortunate enough to be able to attend.


To have the opportunity and platform to be able to share my own story and journey is an incredible opportunity that I never thought would be possible, but I am so thankful for it. This position is so much more than simply a sparkly crown and a stunning dress. It’s a chance for myself and these other young women to be ambassadors, public figures, and role models for young boys and girls.


These accompanying titles are not to be taken lightly and they most definitely will not be. I’m ecstatic to begin working with the Lakefair Capitalarians that make so much possible, and the incredible young women that are this year’s princesses: Bridgette Byerly from River Ridge High School, Eleanor Kim from Black Hills, Ruby Roebuck from Avanti High, and Cassidy Walchack-Sloan from Olympia High School. I look forward to making some incredible memories through this program and I anticipate meeting many of you at this 2019 Lakefair as we all “Cut Loose” and am excited to begin my duties as your Lakefair Queen.

princess bridgette byerly

My name is Bridgette Byerly and I am attending River Ridge High School. I am an AP student hoping to major in either business or mathematics at a large University and I currently have a job as a Taekwondo instructor for little kids. I have a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo and have been doing it for many years. Also, I am involved in numerous clubs at RRHS that are centered around service and academics. I look forward to working hard with Capital Lakefair and our wonderful community this coming year.

princess eleanor kim

The year of 2019 promises new experiences, people, and memories I will be forever grateful for. In addition to Lakefair, I enjoy playing the piano, guitar, and cello in my free time. I also love volunteering in different organizations, ranging from the YWCA of Olympia, Joint Animal Services, to the Crisis Clinic in Thurston County. My lovely parents and sister have supported me through all the nervous speech rehearsals and bobby pinned crowns, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I most look forward to all the crazy road trips and sleepovers we’ll have when traveling all over the states this year. Thank you for this unforgettable opportunity, and for the priceless memories. 

princess ruby roebuck

My name is Ruby Roebuck and I’m representing Avanti high school. Avanti is an alternative school that has helped to bring back my curiosity and enjoyment to learning. The experiences I have had at Avanti have allowed me to see who I really am and how much I can accomplish just by being myself.

One of my favorite things to do is to be outside, I especially love being in nature. I love hiking, walking and skateboarding. Being physical outside helps me clear my mind and enjoy the world. Doing yoga is another activity that brings me the same relief. My mom has been doing yoga for 8 years and I have come with her to do yoga in the mornings since I was 9 years old. I used to go occasionally but now I go 4 times a week. Yoga helps me balance my life and focus on finding happiness.

Playing music is a big part of my life. I play the guitar and sing almost every day. I hope to soon have a band and share my creativity and inspiration with other people.

I love to learn and think deeply about life. I have always naturally stood up for myself and others, I am not afraid to challenge authority if I feel like change needs to happen or something is not right. I strive to advocate for my peers and myself and set an example of being passionate and outspoken as often as I can. It is something I have always done, it is a part of who I am. Every day I become more confident in myself and my ability to be a leader. I am excited to continue to grow into a positive and active role model on this earth.

princess cassidy walchak-sloan

My name is Cassidy Walchak-Sloan and I represent Olympia High School. Growing up, I wish that younger me would have known that someday all of her hard work and determination would finally pay off. Now as a 2019 Lakefair princess, I can finally say that you truly can achieve anything you set your mind to. I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent my community and be a part of the 2019 Capital Lakefair Court. I have always loved playing sports like soccer, cross country, and track. Sports have been a huge part of my life and a great way for me to meet new friends while doing something I love. I have also had experience playing the violin and piano. My very supportive family includes my two parents, Jennifer Walchak, Dustin Sloan, and my nineteen-year-old brother, River. During this upcoming year as a Lakefair princess, I am looking forward to parades, face painting, and princess storytime. I am thrilled for the adventures and memories that I will make representing Olympia with my fellow Lakefair Court.

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