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The Royalty tradition began with the first Lakefair in 1957, and the Scholarship Program was established years later in 1975 by Capitalarian Dee Hooper. It continues to be one of the most recognized scholarship programs in the Pacific Northwest and has awarded more than $500,000 in funding to date. The program is currently sponsored by our partners at Olympia Federal Savings.

Members of the Royalty Court participate in all aspects of Capital Lakefair throughout the season. It provides an educational opportunity for participants to learn about themselves, our community and prepare for higher education and adult life. In addition to local events, members visit communities around the Pacific Northwest from Oregon to British Columbia as they travel with the Lakefair Float to other festivals.

Each member of the Court receives a $3,000 scholarship, the Queen an additional $2,000, and remaining candidates $500 each. The funds may be applied to any form of higher education including a traditional degree, trade school or vocational training program.

The process begins with each participating school selecting a representative by December to become their candidate for the Royalty Court. In early February, candidates take part in a one-day event that includes a panel discussion, individual interviews with 5 independent judges from the business community, and a speech on a predetermined subject. Once complete, five young women will be nominated at Coronation to serve on the Court, one of which is named Lakefair Queen.

Complete information on the program and how to apply is available from the local high school counselors or career center. Prerequisite requirements are being a fully enrolled high school junior, 3.3 or better GPA, complete application with two letters of recommendation and a 500 word essay.

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Queen Mary Bayle

My name is Mary Bayle, and I represent Capital High School. I participate in Capital’s cross country and track team, as well as the Washington Student Cycling League. I have been lucky enough to be afforded the amazing opportunity of representing Lakefair as this year's queen. I am eager to engage with my community through various volunteer events, whether it is painting kid’s faces, or working with impactful groups such as Kiwanis and Zonta. Currently, I am working towards earning my IB diploma, and I intend to further my education after high school by attending a four-year college. I hope to get into the Air Force Academy or attend a California school for its great marine biology classes. I am looking forward to becoming closer with my fellow court, and excited for all the adventures we will soon have.

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Princess Sarah Barry

Hey there! I'm Sarah Barry and I represent Rainier High School. As a Lakefair ambassador, I am so excited to be involved in my community! Lakefair has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone, and make a positive impact in various ways. So far I have enjoyed the princess tea party and the Wenatchee parade, despite getting soaked from all the rain! I pride myself on never being afraid to try new things, even if that means being the person who sticks out in a room. As Tyra Banks once said “Never dull your shine for somebody else.”

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Princess Charlie Culley

My name is Charlie Culley, I am one of a handful of incredible girls blessed to be a part of this year's royalty court for Lakefair. I am a junior at Black Hills High School and I am so stoked to see what this year will bring. After high school, I plan to go to a community college. Beyond school I plan to serve as an overseas missionary, going wherever God calls me to. I signed up for Lakefair not thinking it would go anywhere. However, beyond imagination, I’ve wound up being surrounded by such loving girls which I get to experience all that is Lakefair with. Already, just a few months in, I can feel the positive impact that this has had on my life. I never imagined that I could feel comfortable public speaking let alone enjoy it. I’m engaged in a couple of clubs within my school. Next year, thanks to the confidence I’ve built through this experience, I’ll be joining some of the club's leadership, representing the club as Vice president. Again I’m so stoked to see where this will lead me! 

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Princess Sydney Peters

My name is Sydney Peters and I am proudly representing Olympia High School! This opportunity has been amazing and I’ve loved being a part of the Capital Lakefair’s Royalty Court. I am so thankful for the privilege of representing my community through Lakefair. I’m a very active member of my community, Olympia High School, and Olympia itself. Alongside my several advanced placement classes, I’m a member of multiple clubs, such as being VP of Earth Corps and Climate Action Club, as well as being involved with 4 other clubs. I’m also a varsity player on my school Girls Golf team. In the general community, I’m an active volunteer. Whether it’s park clean-ups at Squaxin Park or helping at the Food Bank. Lakefair has been an amazing opportunity to further my connection with my community. I plan on using the skills I’ve learned from Lakefair to build connections with my future communities such as when I go to college. My current plan is to attend the University of Washington and study environmental science. After getting my undergraduate, I plan to attend law school. Once more, I’m so thankful for this opportunity and I cannot wait for this year with Lakefair!

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Ambassador Kiana Richards

I am Kiana Richards, a 16-year-old community ambassador representing Timberline High School in this year’s Lakefair program. I originally applied for the Lakefair scholarship as a way to further connect with my local community. I’ve also done this at Timberline through my work as the public relations officer for the National Honors Society, and participating in choir, orchestra, and theater. I also take a vigorous class load, including three AP and an honor classes. After high school, I plan on attending a 4 year school and majoring in architectural design and maybe dance. Outside of school, I dance with Ballet Northwest and Johansen’s Olympia Dance Center doing jazz and ballet. By participating in Lakefair this year I have learned to talk with a wide variety of people and am learning different skills through my volunteer services, including how to fish! My favorite activity so far has been the Princess Tea Party because I learned to help serve food and even worked on frosting cupcakes. The best part however was dancing with all the kids during the dance party. In the future, I look forward to doing more face painting and bettering my art skills on a moving canvas! 

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Ambassador Natalya Hayes

Hello, I am Natalya Hayes, a junior at Avanti High School. I am currently a Community Ambassador. I have a passion for art, travel, and adventure.

Serving as a Lakefair community ambassador has been a wonderful opportunity for me to come out of my shell and help out in the community. So far I have painted kids' faces, helped out at the Princess Tea Party, and volunteered at the Bob Leingane fishing day t where I helped young children catch rainbow trout. Since I have participated in so many activities that I had never tried before, I am looking forward to participating in more.

I have come to realize that I have a passion for trying new things. It's inspired me to look into studying abroad.

I will also write and illustrate graphic novels. I have plans to attend college and earn double majors in a career of my choosing and graphic design as well as business classes to help me become an entrepreneur. 

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